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Our partners
International Financial Corporation, project Development of Leasing in Ukraine
USAID, project Initiative for facilitation of crediting
OJSC Bank Universalnyy
OJSC Concern Galnaftogaz Concern Galnaftogas
OJSC Insurance Company Universalna
OJSC Concern Khlibprom
PJSC housing and construction company Vash Dim

Why leasing?

Leasing is an operation in which property, attributed to the category of fixed assets, is transferred for use to the leaseholder for a fixed term for the established price. Property can be transferred for operative or financial leasing.

Operative leasing means transfer of property for use for a fixed term. After expiry of such term property is returned to the leassor.

Operative leasing means taking property on lease and provides the following advantages:

 Entire amount of leasing payment is attributed by leaseholder to gross expenses which permits to make a lesser profit before tax.
 Preferential right to buy the object of lease upon expiry of the contract.
 Depreciated value is determined taking into account leasing payments already paid.
 Object of lease can be sold to third parties (including natural persons).

Financial leasing means transfer of property for use for the term close to the term of complete depreciation and, which is important, after expiry of financial lease property remains in the possession of the leaseholder.

Financial leasing is similar to the traditional purchasing on credit but, as opposed to it, has the following advantages:

 Loyal requirements to the leaseholder
 Opportunity for purchasing fixed assets for leasing by small and medium business enterprises that can not obtain a loan.
 No requirement of pledge under the leasing contract (the object of leasing is the pledge).
 Absence of "concealed" costs such as commission for servicing and obtaining of loan, arrangement of pledge, account opening, etc.
 Short period for approval of application - up to 5 days.
 Assistance in calculations to determine effectiveness of the project.
 Organization of delivery, installation and mounting the object of leasing.
 Insurance of both, the object of leasing and the risks connected with its use.
 Organization of technical support and warranty servicing.

Aside from the above financial leasing will enable to optimize money flows and taxation, because:

 Obtaining of the object of leasing for use does not involve withdrawal of internal funds from turnover.
 The object of leasing is entered in the balance of leaseholder and calculated depreciation reduces profit before tax.
 Leaseholder obtains tax loan for the amount of VAT on the cost of the object of leasing.
 Leasing fees are attributed to gross expenses.
 Evenly scheduled payments throughout the entire period of leasing simplifies the process of payments.
 Preservation of credit attractiveness of the enterprise.
 The object of leasing can not be a tax pledge or subject to penalty by the third parties.
 Diversifies sources of long-term financing.

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