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Application for leasing


Conditions and stages of leasing


 Downpayment makes up 10%-30% of the cost of the object of leasing.
 Leasing contract term from 1 to 5 years.
 Leaseholder makes payments every month.
 Average annual cost growth - 7%-12%.

Additional services provided by the company:

 Organization of delivery, installation and mounting the object of leasing.
 Insurance of both, the object of leasing and the risks connected with its use.
 Organization of technical support and warranty servicing.

Leasing Company "Universalna" has an individual approach to every client. Therefore changes and adjustments can be made in the conditions of leasing.

Monthly leasing payments include:

 amount reimbursing a portion of the cost of the object of leasing;
 amount compensating to lessor interest on the loan he obtained to purchase property under the leasing contract;
 commission of the lessor for property taken on lease;
 amount compensating to the lessor expenses connected with insurance of the object of leasing;
 amount compensating to the lessor other expenses directly connected with execution of leasing contract.

Stages of taking property on lease

 Download application for leasing

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