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Logo of Leasing Company Universalna LtdLeasing Company Universalna Leasing - making your ideas come true

Our partners
International Financial Corporation, project Development of Leasing in Ukraine
USAID, project Initiative for facilitation of crediting
OJSC Bank Universalnyy
OJSC Concern Galnaftogaz Concern Galnaftogas
OJSC Insurance Company Universalna
OJSC Concern Khlibprom
PJSC housing and construction company Vash Dim

Services and products

Limited Liability Leasing Company "Universalna" provides financial and operative leasing services for legal and natural persons (including entrepreneurs) including: Transport for freight traffic. Transport for passengers transportations. Cars; Special equipment.

1.Transport and special equipment:
    Transport for freight traffic;
    Transport for passengers transportations;
    Special equipment.
2.Farming equipment:
    The hinged equipment.
    Telecommunication equipment;
    Equipment for food industry.
4.Immovable property.

Collaboration with us will enable:

 Leaseholders - to renovate fixed assets, expand production, increase product output, its quality, competitiveness and, in the result of this, considerably enhance efficiency of the enterprise and find a partner.

 Manufacturers and suppliers - to use the leasing mechanism to increase the number of clients and volumes of sales, expand the sales markets, strengthen their competitiveness.

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